Case interviews are about 30 minutes long during which you will analyze and solve a business.


Written cases guide (by IGotAnOffer) BCG live case interview extract (by IGotAnOffer) - See below. Variable Cost: All products have a 50% margin.

But MIT makes a number of case studies available for free here.

Management Consulting Cases for Job InterviewA practical guide on how to prepare for a case interview and how to get into consulting firms McKinsey, Bain, BCG, PwC,Rating: 4.

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The test consists of 4 areas and is used at Bain for job interviews in consulting.

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The best way to master quick mental arithmetic is to memorize mathematical shortcuts.

The problems you will encounter are not designed to be brainteasers, or theoretical problems designed to stump you, but rather to reflect the challenges that our clients face.

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Case Interview Basics. Calculation step 5: Multiply total spend per wedding by the total number of weddings = market size.

May 20, 2018 · The case focuses on China Fire, a NASDAQ-listed Chinese company operating in the fire protection industry serving the Chinese steel and nuclear sectors.
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1 out of 5530 reviews4. Mar 10, 2021 · Automotive suppliers can turn carbon neutrality into good business. Average pre-sale spend per person, per year: $100 (assume evenly distributed across years) Model: 20% discount 3 months per year.

In a detailed study of 79 large companies, we found that every 0. Bottled Water, $2. . All teams have 24 hours to solve a real-life business case. A case interview is a way for us to discuss cases based on our client work. .

Not Good: Poor titles, strange use of black.

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An analytical test.

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General case interview examples.