At Logical Reasoning topic Flow Chart page No: 1 you will find list of 10 practice questions, tips/trick and shortcut to solve questions, solved questions, quiz, and download option to download the whole question along with solution as pdf format for offline practice. And they are women’s maternal uncle.

Logical reasoning is an essential skill in various domains, including problem-solving.

Tony is taller than Oliver.

. Example answer: “A greenhouse isn't usually made with any kind of bricks. Example answer: “A greenhouse isn't usually made with any kind of bricks.

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. Question # 1 Hans is standing behind Gerrie and at the same time Gerrie is standing behind Hans. class=" fc-falcon">can be formed, give X as the answer.

Mar 15, 2019 · Answer – B. Mar 31, 2023 · class=" fc-falcon">Below we have provided a lits of JavaScript interview logical questions for freshers.

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In this article, we look at some common logical questions interviewers ask and we provide some sample answers to guide your own responses. .

. Fifteen people get on the bus in New York, and only one person gets off the bus when you reach your destination in Boston.

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The “day before tomorrow” is today; “the day before two days after” is really one day after.

Which of the following.


The boy can be son too and son of a woman’s brother too. ”. .

. . Download PDF. How is this possible? Hans and Gerrie are standing. .


Answer this question with a situation where a quick decision resulted in a positive outcome. .

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The interviewer asks these kinds of questions to determine your ability to think critically, address challenges with innovative ideas, and use your analytical thinking skills to discover opportunities to figure out.

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The following section features five questions (4 technicals + 1 behavioral) to kickstart your training for investment banking interviews.